Comparison Between Psychology And Psychiatry

Scientists are continuously in quest of finding more and more treatments for various diseases and deformities. There are lots of such deformities whose treatments have been found but still there are certain diseases which yet need to be treated. Let us take an instance of the latest virus which has been revolving around the world and is creating hype, this virus goes by the name of corona virus. Scientists are trying their best to find a solution for this virus as well and undoubtedly they will soon find it. The point that we are trying to make is that scientists have introduced us with so many such medical equipments, medical procedures and drugs that any kind of medical condition can be treated. There are many branches of medicine which focuses on different body parts. These branches may vary from the cardiology to the neurology. One such branch of medicine is known as psychology. People often confuse psychology with psychiatry but that is the wrong conception. So, we will be discussing about the comparison between psychology and psychiatry in this article.


Psychology is the branch of medicine which deals with the mental health of a person. Everybody is aware with the fact that it is the mind that gives the order to all of the body parts so mind should be in place to regulate the functioning of your body.  It does not involve the operation or other such medical procedures rather it involves the counselling in Burwood sessions. The person who is well acknowledged in the field of psychology is known as a psychologist. A psychologist makes four goals during his counselling session that the patient would be able to describe his feelings perfectly. The psychologist should make the patient comfortable enough to explain his situation. After that, the psychologist tries to predict and improve the mental health of the patient.

Comparison between psychiatry and psychology:

Psychiatry and psychology; both are the branches of medicine and both deals with the mental health and mental awareness of the person. However, there are certain differences which exist between the two. Psychiatry involves the use of medication and drugs to treat the mental health. On the other hand, counselling sessions and therapeutic techniques are carried out in the field of psychology. A psychiatrist is the one who has the proper degree of bachelors in science and medicine whereas psychologist is well informed and educated in the field of psychology but does not has the degree of MBBS.


Psychology is the branch of medicine that deals with the mental health of a person. It involves the counselling session and therapeutic treatments to cope with the mental health of a patient. Psychology along with the kinesiology in Malvern can be categorised under the heading of holistic medicine in which whole body and mind are treated without the use of medication. Psychology and psychiatry are somewhat similar but still there are differences between the two. “Serenity holistic healing” offers the best services psychology in Ashburton.