What Are The Common Issues That An Autistic Faces?

As a human being, we all face challenges. Sooner or later, we have to face challenges in life. Some people face financial challenges, some people face challenges in relationships, some people face physical challenges. We all have a tendency to accept the challenges and act according to our tendency. There are some challenges that are with us when we are born. It is a challenge for parents as well if their kid is being born with some challenging nature. They have to support him in all the circumstances. Physically and mentally challenged people need supports of parents and they overcome this challenge to some extent.

On the other hand, there are few kids who are autistic. Initially, the parents don’t know about this challenge of a kid. But, as he grows up, they come to know he has some issues.

Following are the issues that an autistic face and we all have to support them to give them a better life.

  • Issues in Socialising:

They have issues in socialising with people. When they are invited to a birthday party, they like to sit alone. They don’t want to indulge in other kids and play with them. They don’t feel comfortable. They like to stay in their own comfort zone.

  • Difficulties in Making Friends:

Even if they want to make a friend, they can’t do so. They have no idea as to how to make friends. People usually find them difficult. Their way of speaking and trying to convey their message in kinds different. So, they find it difficult to make new friend.

  • Sleep Problems:

They are sleep deprived. Their brain constantly working. They are good thinkers. Their brain has been always busy in thinking something. They know their issue, so it makes them difficult to sleep like a normal kid.

  • Resist to Accept the Change:

They are not at all ready to accept the change. They have limited circle and they like to e in that circle. If something starts changing, they start resisting and doesn’t aloe change to intervene in their schedule. Suppose if they have to move to a different city then it is difficult for an autistic to adjust in a new place. The extent of resistance is longer and intense than usual.

  • Attachments to Accessories and Objects:

They are familiar to the objects because they don’t react in return neither they judge them. So, they are more attached with object and things rather than human being.

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