What Is The Purpose Of Intra-Gastric Balloon Surgery?

There was a time when people were unable to find the cause and cure of the particular disease so they labelled it as an evil attack. Due to this fear of evil spirits they used to leave the diseased individual in seclusion. However, we are fortunate enough to live in times where there is a cure or at least a treatment for almost every possible disease except for this new virus known as a corona virus. But we are quite hopeful that, it is a matter of time that man will be able to defeat this epidemic as well with the determination and patience. Human body is a complicated system and it requires lot of brain storming to get the treatment and cause of various diseases. There are about eleven organ systems and each of these systems are then further categorised in to multiple parts. Our focus of discussion is going to be revolving around the digestive system and the diseases or conditions related to this system. In this article, we will be discussing about the fact that what the purpose of intra-gastric balloon surgery is.

Digestive system:

Digestive system is one of the eleven human body systems. It deals with the intake of food, then its processing and finally its extraction. Mouth, pharynx, oesophagus, pancreas, gall bladder, small intestine, colon, rectum and anus come under the category of digestive system. It is not easy to detect the problem of the pain immediately but this diagnosis can be made possible by the process of haemorrhoids in Gold Coast. It is the process in which small camera like instrument is inserted to the colon region through the anus of the human body. It enables the doctor to detect the cause of the pain. One of the most common diseases that are related to the digestive system is known as bowel incontinence.

What is the purpose of intra-gastric balloon surgery?

Intra-gastric balloon surgery is actually a non-surgical process in which a balloon made up of silicon is inserted in the stomach of a person. This silicon balloon is placed in the stomach of a person in a way that it leaves very little space behind. The purpose of placing this intra-gastric balloon is to help the person in continuing his diet. This purpose is fulfilled because once the balloon has been placed then a person won’t feel much hunger and his appetite will be filled with only a small portion of the food. See here for further information regarding colonoscopy in Gold Coast.


Intra-gastric balloon is the balloon which is made of silicon material. This balloon is inserted in the stomach portion in such a way that very little area is left for the part in which food of a person is stored. In this way, the appetite of a person become smaller and he does not feel like eating anymore which in turn helps in reducing his weight. The person might feel nauseas for few days after the placement of this balloon but it will get better with time. “Core specialist group” offer the best services of intra-gastric balloon surgery.